Hypothyroidism Journey

Shruthi was one of the patients who was really complex. She had #hypothyroidism. She was on three #immunosuppressive drugs, and they weren’t working for her. She was gaining weight, losing hair, suffering from heavy menstrual periods. She would easily get distracted and her brain would start to feel cluttered, her cholesterol level was shooting up, and her skin became extremely dry. All of this led her to feeling depressed. She eventually had to quit her job and she completely changed and her family was really worried. Her hypothyroidism became uncontrollable leading to miscarriage.

She and her family weren’t happy, not convinced with the regular medication she was undergoing and instead were looking for an absolute miracle.

One day Shruthi bumped into Radhika who had undergone treatment for #thyroidism with us
– Vedic Treat. Shruthi came to meet us and after a few days of treatment that Shruthi went through at Vedic Treat, our Doctor got her off all medications in phases. Slowly all her test reports came normal.

She has been symptom-free, medication-free, and living an optimal and happy life since then. We were able to give Shruthi her life back.

We believe in each patient getting the right treatment specifically for them, as there is no ‘one size fits all approach to hypothyroidism.

#VedicTreat medicines and treatments focus on individuals’ journey, find the root causes of diseases and reverse them, rather than treating symptoms with pills.

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