How Yoga Changed The Behavior Of Little Kruthi

Kruthi, 9, the kid next door, I have always heard her scream on top of her voice , throw tantrums, always glued to television or her tablet. Yes, she has her own tablet. When she was just 2 years old, she was super smart, she would recognize voices and the things around her and I always thought she would grow up to be an intelligent child. She became arrogant as she grew up. She didn’t want to study nor was she interested in any other activity. All she wanted to do was be on her tablet or T.V. And her behavior towards her parents was not acceptable. Every time they tried to discipline her, her behavior just got worse.

So at Vedic Treat, we suggested she takes our trial yoga class. Her parents took our suggestion seriously. After her trial class, she herself wanted to join the classes and just after a few days, she was a new person. Dhr had no tantrums, no screaming, she started to play with the other kids outside, she reduced watching tv or using any electronic devices.

Yoga is one of the best practices for kids because it helps shape their brains in an amazing way.

These are some of the ways in which yoga helps kids:
• Provides kids with healthy ways to express, balance, and balance their emotions and behavior
• Promotes a more relaxed, comfortable state of being – the perfect state for teaching and learning
• Has a positive impact on students’ academic performance
• Brings students into the present moment – the most basic requirement for learning

• Encourages community and connectedness within the classroom
• Provides opportunities for beneficial motor breaks throughout the day
• Eases anxiety and tension (such as pre-test or performance jitters)
• Reduces anger, depression, and fatigue
• Cultivates balanced psychological and physiological responses to stress, such as improved stress management
• Enhances focus, attention, concentration, comprehension and memory
• Supports social and emotional learning
• Enhances flexibility, strength, and physical well-being
• Encourages respect for oneself and others
• Enhances executive function (i.e., processes required to select, organize, and properly initiate goal-directed actions) by combining the cognitive and neurological benefits of physical activity
• Enhances resilience and coping frequency, thereby helping students adapt and cope with negative life events.

We believe that yoga teaching needs to be serious and multi-disciplinary yet based on children’s needs and everyday lives, with a playful and fun approach.

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