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What To Eat This Summer?

Ah, do you love the feel of the warm sun or do you feel a lot of heat in summer? Let’s discuss what Ayurveda prescribes to beat the summer heat. Ayurveda is based on practical principles that help you maintain balance during summers. Vedic...

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Hypothyroidism Journey

Shruthi was one of the patients who was really complex. She had #hypothyroidism. She was on three #immunosuppressive drugs, and they weren’t working for her. She was gaining weight, losing hair, suffering from heavy menstrual periods. She would easily get distracted and her brain...

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Goodbye Knee Pain

For Rajashri, 63 years old, the distance of every step looked further. When she came to us, she was suffering from knee pain since few years now. Having consulted a lot of doctors, she was suggested knee replacement surgery which she knew came with...

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Varicose Recovery (A Mother’s Journey)

Varuni’s leg issues started during her second pregnancy, eventually the pain became unbearable. She came to us for a consultation, unfortunately it was varicose veins. But why did Varuni develop varicose veins during her pregnancy? And who knew you could get varicose veins during...

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