Ayurveda Consultation

Ayurveda consultation is basically done by Naadi Pariksha (Pulse Diagnosis). Naadi Pariksha is like a centralized lab test. Through this ancient Ayurvedic practice of pulse testing a physician can uncover most of the existing ailments in the patient’s body. Apart from physical conditions Naadi Pariksha helps discover one’s state of mind and emotional condition. Not that this wasn’t enough, pulse diagnosis aids to uncover future probabilities and this help in assessing the course of action to treat and prevent diseases in the long run.

Yoga and Meditation

yoga and meditation is the union of mind and body making it work like a well-oiled machine. Not only do we have a smart phone revolution but yoga is spreading like wild fire and taking the world by storm. Yoga helps overall development, increases fitness, inner strength and potential. It makes the practitioner calm and improves mental focus. Meditation is a tool that can be used to progress in any sphere of life be it material, personal or spiritual. Dr. Sanjeev is an experienced Hatha Yoga and Aerial Yoga trainer for over fourteen years. He is well versed with all aspects of yoga and has trained under various masters as well as Himalayan yogis.

Healthy Food & Lifestyle Counselling

We become what we eat. The food we eat today is generously laden with pesticides, preservatives, chemicals and other toxic substances that do not serve our highest good. What then are the ideal food choices that are not only conveniently available and enhance our state of health? This method on food and lifestyle choices throws light on this very issue in a simple, interesting and interactive manner. You will be left feeling empowered to claim your health by taking appropriate action in the right direction. This will help design your time in such a way that your lifestyle works to enhance your quality of life and wellbeing.

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Nadi Pariksha

Nadi Pariksha

Naadi Pariksha is like a good centralized lab test. Through this ancient Ayurvedic practice of pulse testing a physician can uncover most of the existing ailments in the patient’s body.

Panchakarma Treatments

Panchakarma Treatments

Prevention is better than cure should be Panchakarma is better than cure. Five is the most dynamic number in nature with a perfect balance of masculine and feminine qualities.

Kerala Traditional Therapies

Kerala Traditional Therapies

Kerala is God’s own country and deservedly so. Kerala is why the world enjoys the benefits of this beautiful healing system today. This southernmost Indian state carefully preserved.

A Beauty Within

The best time of your life

Beauty is not external!! It’s always internal, A Healthy physique, calm and composed mind with balanced emotions make a person the most beautiful. The best time of your life arrives when you feel beautiful internally. The Main concept of Ayurveda is all about inner beauty. Vedic Treat!, Helps you to achieve this through ancient techniques. We know you will feel this as The best time of your life. After all “Its beauty Within”

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Time doesn’t stop , Time keeps on moving , Every moment of our life to be cherished . Every moment should be worth spending! Vedic Treat promises you that every moment you spend with us is The most beautiful time of your life. The ancient science of Ayurveda will be presented to you by Well-experienced Vaidya and dedicated therapist at Vedic Treat.

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Our mind always wants more pleasure , more good feeling. Is there any one who doesn’t want to be healthy ? More healthier is a priority task in our life . You are a part of Vedic Treat family, Get treated for “More healthier ” Factor. Get treated for Always Healthy feel. Come back , The ” more factor ” is waiting for you.

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